Quantitative Research


It is often said that the basis of great research is not about getting the right answer, it is knowing what questions to ask in the first place.

Quantitative designs are used when we need to track, measure or count something we are interested in – whether this be knowledge gains, mental health outcomes, stigma reduction, satisfaction rates, culture change, usage or usefulness of a tool, skill or resource, or any other number of phenomena. Quantitative research typically involves using surveys, scales, and other metrics  such as participation rates, absentee rates, help seeking rates, etc.

We also use quantitative methods when we want to validate, test, or expand on theories or hypotheses that my have been generated from observation, anecdotal evidence, or previous qualitative research. Quantitative techniques are often a key tool used in program evaluations, and can also be used alongside qualitative research techniques, as appropriate, depending on the specific question, problem or research interest.

Stephanie Knaak, PhD | INSIGHT Research & Consulting has the expertise and experience to ensure your research project is designed such that the best and right questions are asked — and the most appropriate methods and tools are used.

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