Qualitative Research

qualitative research golden bc

I am a qualitatively trained social scientist who has led led numerous small and national scale qualitative-based projects.

Qualitative designs are used when we need to build a greater understanding about the nature or characteristics of a situation, setting, or problem. We use it when we want to learn things we don’t already know about a phenomenon, a problem, a situation, or a setting or culture. Qualitative methods allow us to  identify learning needs, gaps and successes, processes and mechanisms of change, and they can provide us with models or guidebook on how to move forward.

Qualitative techniques are often incorporated into program evaluation designs, and can also be used alongside quantitative research techniques, as appropriate, depending on the specific question, problem or research interest.

It is often said that the basis of great research is not about getting the right answer, it is knowing what questions to ask in the first place. Stephanie Knaak, PhD | INSIGHT Research & Consulting has the expertise and experience to ensure your research project is designed such that the best and right questions are asked — and the most appropriate methods are employed.

For information and details on previous qualitative research projects, please see my Portfolio. For more information or to get in touch with me to discuss your potential research needs, please go to the Contact page.