Publications & Research Reports

This list of selected publications provides an overview of some of different projects I’ve been involved with or led. Many of these papers are open access and free to download without subscriptions to the journal or to an academic database (just click on the link).

For any articles that are not open access, please contact me and I’d be happy to provide you with copies of any article.

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Concepts, Ideas, Summaries, Overviews:

Qualitative projects:

Quantitative projects:

  • Knaak S, Szeto AS, Kassam A, Hamer A, Modgill G, Patten S. (2017) Understanding Stigma: A pooled analysis of a national program aimed at healthcare providers to reduce stigma towards patients with a mental illness []. Journal of Mental Health and Addictions Nursing, 1(1):e19-e29. [Open Access]
  • Beaulieu T, Patten S, Knaak S, Weinerman R, Campbell H, Lauria-Horner B (2017). Impact of Skill-Based Approaches in Reducing Stigma in Primary Care Physicians: Results from a Double-Blind, Parallel-Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. [] Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, First published date: January-17-2017. DOI: 10.1177/0706743716686919.
  • Fernandez A, Tan KA, Knaak S, Chew BH, Ghazali SS (2016). Effects of a brief psychoeducational program on stigma in Malaysian pre-clinical medical students: A randomized controlled trial []. Academic Psychiatry, Aug 15:1-7.
  • Knaak S, Szeto ACH, Fitch K, Modgill G, Patten S (2015). Stigma towards borderline personality disorder: Effectiveness and generalizability of an anti-stigma program for healthcare providers using a pre post randomized design []. Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation, 2: 9. [Open Access]
  • Knaak S, Modgill G, Patten S (2014). Key Ingredients of Anti-Stigma Programs for Health Care Providers: A Data Synthesis of Evaluative Studies []. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 59(10 Suppl 1):S19-S28. [Open Access]
  • Modgill G, Patten SB, Knaak S, Kassam A, Szeto AC (2014). Opening minds stigma scale for healthcare providers (OMS-HC): Examination of psychometric properties and responsiveness []. BMC Psychiatry, 14(1):120. [Open Access]
  • Knaak, S (2005). Breast-feeding, bottle-feeding and Dr. Spock: The shifting context of choice []. Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 42(2):197-216.