Evaluation of the HEADSTRONG program for youth


Lead researcher for the national evaluation of the HEADSTRONG program for youth

headstrong logo HEADSTRONG is an evidence-based anti-stigma initiative created by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). Now a national initiative, HEADSTRONG teaches students how to reduce stigma and become mental health champions in their schools. The evaluation of this program involves:

  1. Evaluation of HEADSTRONG summits using a pre- post design and a standardized evaluation survey designed specifically to assess the extent to which the specific goals and objectives of HEADSTRONG are being met.
  2. Tracking of in-school activities developed and implemented by HEADSTRONG students and committees.
  3. Conducing a mixed methods case study of select HEADSTRONG schools in order to better understand implementation successes and challenges, as well as best practices.

HEADSTRONG was recently featured in the Calgary Herald.

Read more about the HEADSTRONG program on the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s website